I am a teacher, student, therapist, creator and an architect of mind and body. 
My method is a tool to tap into the Light and wellbeing that resides in every one of us and to achieve balance in life. My passion is to redesign body & mind through movement and breath and shift the energy through healing techniques. 
I have experienced this powerful transformation in my own practice and in helping others for over 18 years, that’s why I believe that Anything Is Possible. 


What I can do for you:  


Stay Curious

I love to share my years of experience and teach my constantly evolving and unique style of Movement with the masses.   I teach specific routines depending on my clients needs that include isometrics, dynamic and static moves using elements of Yoga & Pilates.   The combination of creating length in the tissues throughout the body with great strength is Stability.  

My practice is proven to strengthen your joints and your entire core body, improve your coordination and heighten your overall body awareness.  

My life philosophy is Stay Curious. I love being a teacher and sharing my years of experience, but still take and relish every opportunity to learn from some of the world's greatest thinkers in movement therapy.

"Integrity in structure comes from balance in tension; Tensegrity". 

IG:  @lilyeslahjou

FB: Lily Eslahjou- Fit Tips