My passion is to observe and execute appropriate systems to relieve chronic pain, alleviate patterns that cause stagnancy and restore strength. My approach in holistic wellness aims to improve functional movement through specific protocols, exercises routines, breath work and, soft tissue hands-on techniques.   

What I can do for you:  

Stay Curious

I love to share my years of expertise and teach my constantly evolving and unique style of Movement with the masses.   I teach specific routines depending on my clients needs that include; isometrics, dynamic and static sequences using elements of Yoga, Pilates & Mobility.     My practice is proven to hydrate joints and help stabilize the entire core body, improve coordination and heighten overall body awareness.  In addition I assign specific isometric exercises when needed that have proven to efficiently and effectively increase motor units and therefore range of motion. 

The healing techniques acquired over the years is a great passion of mine and proves time and time again the power of 'less is more' and our resilient bodies.  The gentle yet powerful Bowen Technique works to relax the body on a deep level through the nervous system and speeds up the body's innate ability to heal.  

Wellness begins with a state of mind, I have lived and experienced transformations through movement and can proudly say I feel much younger and healthier at 45 than I did in my 20's.  My life philosophy is Stay Curious. I love to teach and observe the shift that shapes body and mind.  Discover, stay curious, because Anything Is Possible.  

Previous Work

Video samples from courses I have run and articles I have written on the benefits of movement.


How Wellness Can Help Chronic Pain
Article written for the Wellness Tourism Association


Promotional video made during my tenure at LeSport, St Lucia:


Mobility Routine — Do this Daily for Longevity. Rotational Movements for neck, shoulders, arms, spine, hip joints, knees and ankles! Keeps your joints hydrated and healthy:


A little movement on stage for LeSport St.Lucia:


An introduction to my work with corporate clients:


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