Corporate Yoga


The Corporate Yoga Program is a tremendously successful practice which helps to bridge the gap between body and mind within the workplace.  The mental benefits can range from the relief of stress and anxiety to an increase in memory, focus and alertness.  It creates an overall effect that refreshes the mind and rejuvenates the body, resulting in increased productivity, lower employee absenteeism, higher work morale and most importantly, a greater sense of confidence within the individual. Confident decisions and greater motivation make the workplace a healthier, more balanced and pleasant environment for everyone involved.

Requirements call for any space that may accommodate 10-20 people, such as a boardroom or training room. Individuals will require a yoga mat and will need to abstain from eating at least one hour before class. Sessions are suitable for people of all levels.

Corporate sessions since 2003 include: NHC Corp., Business Objects, Lululemon staff Vancouver, GAdventures, Our Lady of Lourdes School, IDEACouture, House of Cool, LinkedIn, Azure Magazine and, Cority co.