Yoga is only a small part of my experience in movement, but one that taught me strength in both body and mind.  It is a tool I use daily however there is so much more to movement than just yoga.


My experience with MOVEMENT


My personal practice includes elements of Yoga and Pilates, plus movements that challenge the entire core body as well as train the fascia to release and hydrate.  I have a long history teaching such practices. My recent curiosity in exploring the body further has led me to create movements that make sense not only for a strong and supple body, but also for safe joints.  My sessions highlight Tensegrity. Integrity of structure comes from balance in tension, understanding that everything is connected and works together.  My background in gymnastics, and the memories in my body from a few years of ballet as a child, have resurfaced in my 40's and inspired me to step out of a particular 'form'.  I believe it is important to listen to the body and flow with care, fluidity, and balanced energy where the body will respond with ease.  My sequences are creative and varied, and my intuition is always at play when practicing and teaching.  My classes always include a flawless flow where each move is connected to the next, like a dance.  For me, practice is a focus inward, a conversation with the Self, a dance with nature. 


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